Women and Girl Tattoo Designs. – What Female Tattoo Design and Where?

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To make the best choice when getting a tattoo you should know what design and where to place it, read on and you will see the most common women tattoo designs and where they are commonly placed on the female body

To help you choose the female tattoo design and the location to have it, you should spend some time thinking about what type of person you are and what’s important to you, answer the questions below to help you sort out how you really feel

* Are you very feminine and love all things cute and lady like?* Do you totally hate that and prefer more masculine designs? * Do you want your tattoo shown to the world or will it be private to you? * Are you comfortable showing your body or parts of it? * Why are you getting your tattoo?

What are the most popular female tattoo designs?

TribalMost requested tattoo designs by far, these designs feature heavily in popular culture. Commonly seen in the lower back region

SunsA great choice and a personal favourite, mainly seen in the lower back area, often with an Aztec feel and style.

FlowersIn particular Roses are most chosen, often seen on the lower stomach or ankle

Pixies & FairiesRich in imagination, these designs are a throwback to childhood and the fantasy world of pixies and fairies

Chinese & Japanese LettersJust like tribal tattoo designs, oriental characters are immensely popular with their very cool styling and mystic (mainly because you don’t know what they are saying!)

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Where are the common places to have my female tattoo?

Lower back Tattoos

One of the most popular areas to have a tattoo of recent times, a particular favourite with females helped by recent fashions of low cut garments revealing hints of the tattoo

Lower Stomach

Similar to lower back tattoos, these tattoo designs are sensual and with modern fashion ready to reveal, this area will catch people’s eyes


Sensual and discreet often Japanese or Chinese tattoo designs are chosen here


An obviously sensual location that can very easily be shown off to the world! You are almost guaranteed to get noticed if you place your tattoo design here

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