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Many people think that tattoos are just designs, but they are wrong.Each and every tattoo has a meaning attached to it. Tattoos are a very strong means of expressing one’s own ideas and beliefs. Some people use tattoos as a fashion statement. There are so many different types of tattoos available for people from all walks of life.Here are a few popular examples:Dragon tattoos, Cross tattoos, Celtic tattoos, Gothic tattoos, Wing tattoos, star tattoos,flower tattoos, fish tattoos, lower back tattoos, Tribal tattoos, Hawaiin tattoos, Egyptiontattoos, Armband tattoos, Angel wings tattoos, Bird tattoos, Skull tattoos and snake tattoos.What tattoo should I get?When someone decides to get a tattoo, the first thing that comes to mind is what type of tattooto get on their body. There are so many designs available. The most popular tattoos are Tribaltattoos, Gothic tattoos, Butterfly tattoos, Celtic tattoos and Star tattoos. You have to doenough research about the tattoo you want as this is permanent. The internet has so many tattoogalleries available and serves as the best place to seek and find your perfect design. The 2nd thing to decide is which part of your body to place your new tattoo. If you choose a largedesign then the back or chest would be ideal to place the tattoo. Once you have selected your design,ask for the opinion of someone close to you. Just remember to choose a design that will suit YOU because a tattoo that looks good on your friend will not necessarily suit you. Ensure to make thecorrect enquiries before you take the big step. Tattoos are a symbol of various strong emotions by individuals. Different tattoos display differentemotions, for example, a Cross tattoo will reflect love and respect towards Christianity, if youare a Christian. Another example are the famous Tribal tattoo. They replicate plants, animals andnature in general. So if you are a nature freak, then by all means this is one for you!Women prefer lower back, sexy and appealing tattoos. Butterfly and star tattoos are loved by womenand girls and also have many symbolic meanings attached to it, like elegance and delicacy.

Where should I place the tattoo?This is a very important point to consider, as tattoos are permanent, for life. If you decide on a large tattoo, then the back is most appropriate place. If you go for the smaller tattoos, thenconsider your feet, neck, arms, behind the ear (like Rihanna), ankles etc. If you are the type ofperson who don’t want the whole world to see you tattoo, then go for places on the body where it can be easily covered up/hidden. You can get tattoos thru-out your body except hairs, tongue, nailsand teeth. If you decide on a head tattoo, then this means shaving the hairs off your head and ifyou want to hide the tattoo, just let the hair grow.. Another perfect place for your tattoo is the upper chest ant both men and women can get a tattoo on this space. Your chest is a very appropriateplace if you want a large tattoo. Women should take proper care if they decide to get a tattoo ondelicate places like ‘breasts’.

Does getting a tattoo hurt?Don’t get cold feet at the last minute, because you’ve heard from others who have and those have not been inked. Different people will have different opinions. Sure, you willfeel scared as with anything adventurous you’ve tried for the first time. Each person has his orher own experience, let this be yours!Some professional tattoo artists describes the feeling of getting a tattoo as ‘scratching one’s body’.Some people faint when getting the tattoo for the first time. This is mainly due to the person nothaving eaten for a long time and due to this the blood-sugar levels drop. So, when a person fearsthat he will be feeling immense pain while getting the tattoo done, he or she faints. Many will crywith their first tattoo, but this is due to their low pain threshold. Tattoos with complex designs can take long sessions with the artist and these long periods can be very stressfull for the body and tend to make you feel more pain.

Conclusion: Before getting a tattoo, you should understand the whole process as to who the best artist is and what everything entails. Ensure and make 200% sure you have chosen the right design for YOUR body.Find out what medical aspects are involved as some people are actually allergic to getting a tattoo.So, the first and formost thing to do, is to get informed and educated about getting a tattoo.

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