The magic charm of Celtic tattoo designs

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Celtic tattoo designs are today some of the most popular. Often included in the larger Tribal tattoos category, these designs have a particular charm, granted from their history and magic symbolism. Celtic tattoo tradition is not really that ancient. Japanese as well as Chinese cultures can boast a much older tattoo tradition. Nonetheless Celtic symbols seem to be born to be translated into tattoo designs. They consist in geometrical shapes of different complexity, which makes them perfect tribal tattoo designs. The history of Celtic people goes back thousands of years. They have always had a great tradition of craftsmen, the best in Europe for centuries. Thanks to their ability in working iron, they could realize complex and fine designs for their weapons. This ability and their fine designs live on in modern body-art.

There are different types of Celtic tattoo designs, each one with a different story and a different meaning. The most popular are the Celtic Ringed Cross tattoo, the Celtic Knot tattoo, animal tattoos and the so called triskele or triskelion., a triple spiral which symbolizes Celtic belief in the holy power of the number Three.

The Celtic cross was born as a Christian sign but is nowadays mostly considered to be a symbol of the Celtic identity and has quite lost its religious meaning. This cross was introduced by Saint Patrick while attempting to convert pagan Irish people to Christianity. The ring symbolizes the previous pagan god of sun, connecting those ancient beliefs with the new one.The Celtic knot consists of interlaced lines that cross over one another repeatedly that go on eternally symbolizing the interconnection between the spiritual and the physical sides of existence. Celtic pagan religions were strictly connected with the myth of Mother Nature and its power. Therefore most of their symbols are connected with animals, plants and their magic nature. One of the most powerful symbols was the Tree of Life. Trees symbolize the cycle of life and also are life giving creatures. Other Nature related Celtic tattoo symbols are the Butterfly, symbol of rebirth and transformation, the Cat, guardian of the gates to the Otherworld, the Dog, loyal friend and healer of body and soul.

These are today some of the most popular tattoo designs, inspired from the Celtic traditions and symbolic culture, which represents a huge source of inspiration for any tattoo artist or tattoo lover.

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