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Heart tattoo designs come in different sizes, styles, and patterns. It used to be that hearts simply symbolized love. However, these tattoos now can be represented in so many ways that it has also come to have several meanings. If you are looking for the best tattoo for you, you will find several free heart designs online whic may be just what you’re looking for.

These tattoos can come in its simple heart form, or it can come with a knife through it. Both designs now have completely opposite meanings, the former being love while the latter being betrayal.

If you opt to have a heart tattooed for romance reasons, you may want to have your initials as well as your loved one and maybe have matching tattoos, very reminiscent of how couples used to carve their initials onto trees. Another romantic idea for these tattoos is to have a lock on the heart or a key.

If you wish to have a this design because of religious significance, you can have the image of the sacred heart tattooed on your body.

Some of the sacred heart designs usually include the image of Jesus and Mary as well. You can also have a bright light shining from it or pierced around with thorns.

Hearts can be paired up with other symbols to give it different meanings. For example, a heart partnered with some stars symbolizes abundance or even popularity. A heart that is wrapped in flowers can symbolize a deeper kind of romantic love. Whatever your reason for this style of tattoo, you can definitely style them in such a way that it represents and expresses yourself.

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