What Are Some Curious Facts about Tattoo Art?

Article by Johnatan Maxwell

Prologue (some curious facts about tattoo history)Tattoo art appeared many years before architecture, music and fashion occurrence. Its history goes by the entire humanity history from antique Egyptian landfills to our days. Ancient nations used “>tattoos in religious rituals as the amulet and just as a decoration. The Greeks made codified tattoos to their spies, and the Romans stamped their slaves and criminal thereby. The tattoo doing technique and images were identical in all the countries – plant and geometrical ornament, birds and animals images. Japanese and Polynesian tattoo art played a major role in tattoo making. Up to the end of the 20th century Polynesian ornament “mocha” and Japanese dragons from ancient Japanese legends were the most popular tattoo images.

Why do the Europeans owe Cook?In Middle Age Europe Christian Church tried to destroy tattoo traditions, having considered it as a barbarian heritage. In 1771 captain Cook brought an indigene tattooed from head to foot from New Zealand. His appearance in England caused an unprecedented stir among the English and general tattoo ardour first among seamen than among working people. Then body images fashion spread all over Europe.

Many politicians and the members of royal families decorated themselves with tattoos: The English King George I, the Dutch King Frederic, The Greek queen Olga, The British prime-minister sir Winston Churchill and others.

The enterprising Americans and rock’n’rollBy the end of the 19th century tattoo had become popular in the USA. There were opened thousands of tattoo saloons there; tattoo equipment manufacturing began to prosper. In 60s the clients of tattoo saloons became rock’n’rollers and hippies. The youth began to follow their suits.

In early 80s various conventions and tattoo festivals were held. The first convention took part in 1976 in NY and ever since it is held every year in various countries of Europe and America. There famous masters and freshmen demonstrate their tattoo art mastery, exchange experience and ideas. There you can make tattoo at a famous master who made it to the Rolling Stones or Angelina Jollie.

Modern tattoo epidemyIn the epoch of MTV and top-models, tattoo art became very popular. It has been the occurrence of the world culture: doctors and lawyers, politicians and businessmen, university professors and housewives decorate their bodies with exotic hieroglyphs, magic signs and ornaments. Their interest is stirred up by celebrities tattoo tendency: Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Jonny Depp, Bjork, Jon Bon Jovi, Julia Roberts and others.

Today we can see a real tattoo boom. One can’t define what is fashionable today. Women don’t limit themselves with roses and other flowers. Every tattoo is individual and unique.

In beauty’s serviceNowadays tattoo is made not only as a body decoration or a talisman. A so called cosmetic tattooing is a permanent coloring of lips, eyebrows and eyelids lines. Such make up doesn’t need any correction for 3-5 years and is widespread in many saloons.

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