Use Green, Red and Black Tattoo Ink to Create Stunning Tattoos

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People have always been fascinated with s right from ancient times. In those days, were predominantly inked with black k as there were no other color choices. It was only around ten years ago that a riot of colored came into existence.

artists experimented with newer colors and designs and this led to a fresh, new spurt of interest among people. Now you can find people sporting stunning looking s etatootched in vibrant red tatk and soothing green nk. White, yellow, violet, blue, gold and silver are some of the other attractive colors available today.

Experienced tattoo artists are proficient in mixing different colors to come up with exciting new colors. Even though there are numerous colors available today, there are certain designs that look best only in black .

For example, if you wish to etch the portrait of a person, you must approach a highly skilled and experienced tattoo artist. He or she will suggest using black ink that will best carry the portrait image. Similarly, tribal designs look stunning, bold and strong only when done with black t.

Certain old school tattoos such as sailor Jerry and nautical starts designs do not look good when etched with green or red tattoo ink. The basic design has to be done with black tattoo ink. You can add color to the pirate ships, anchors and hearts with a banner.

Black tattoos are very charming even as they symbolize power. This is evident with the fact that many prefer pictures with a simple black ink or pencil and black and white photographs. Tattoos etched with black signify clarity of thought, infinity, mystery and force. Black tattoos always give a strong, clear message to the world in a direct manner.

As a tattoo artist, you must be creative enough to suggest the best color combinations for clients depending on the design they choose. If you are in this business for long, you will know that white tattoo ink may not last for a long time.

You will also know that black tattoo ink tends to fade with time. Many however prefer their black tattoos to fade as it gives it a “patina”. Red tattoo ink looks stunning on darker skin. So, if your client has dark skin, you can suggest red color tattoo depending on the design.

Red is a symbol of passion. If you client is emotional by nature, then red is the color you should suggest. Red is always associated with cheer and vibrant energy. Tattoos etched in red tattoo ink shows that the person is spiritually strong and self confident.

Green on the other hand is a color that exudes a sense of security. It creates a business like atmosphere. Green is a color associated with summer and greens. Combine green with brown and your tattoo design will signify association with support, reliability and fertility. Tattoos created with green tattoo ink and red tattoo ink in combination exudes a festive, celebrative look. provide choose your red tattoo ink from their reliable tattoo ink section and easily find all the colors you need when you shop by tattoo ink color.

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