The Origin of Tattoo Art & Modern Celebrity Tattoos

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There is a great significance to tattoo art which has a blend of history and modernity associated with it. It has been practiced in the different parts of the world and exists in different cultures.

The history of tattoo art goes back to the ancient times. Tattoos enjoy great popularity around the world and have significant impact in different cultures. The origin of tattoos has taken place from the land of Polynesia and the word has been classified with two different meanings. The use of mark and strike in the two words is quite significant. The origin of tattoo goers back to 5000 long years and people from different parts of the world have experimented with them. There are a variety of examples related to tattoo art designs which have originated from different global corners.

These tattoos have created a significant impression with their brilliant designs. The popularity of tattoos has enhanced over the years and is widely used as a modern art form. One of the great examples of tattoo designs was discovered in the year 1991. This particular tattoo design was found on an ice man whose age probably goes back to 5000 long years. The example was found in the mountainous borders of Austria and Italy. There were more than 57 tattoo designs found on this ice man which is quite significant.

The tattoos were found in the different parts of the body like kidneys, left knee and ankles. This certainly makes it clear that the practice of tattooing in the different parts of the body was even prevalent in that age. Back in the year 1948 tattoo art designs were discovered in the countries of Russia and China. These tattoos were found on the bodies of mummies. The evidence of tattoo art has been found in the country of Egypt too. The pharaoh goddess Hathor has lines of tattoo on her body as per expert historians. As per the historic revelations from ancient Egypt, only women were allowed to go for tattoo designs.

The country of Japan also shares an old relationship with the art of tattooing. These were especially evident on the clay figures where stylish tattoo designs were found. Tattoo designing has come a long way from its integral connection with history to the modern days of glamorous fashion. Nowadays celebrities from the different parts of the world have taken up various tattoo styles and imprints them on their bodies. These celebrities range from various important fields like sports, music, fashion, movies etc and draw a huge fan following with their impressive tattoos.

Both male and female celebrities go for these tattoos which attract a significant amount of attention from their fans. The tattoos are found in the different parts of their bodies which makes the entire thing even more interesting. For example American pop sensation Rihanna has emerged quite popular with her motto tattoo. The tattoo expresses that all failures should be taken in good strides and success is just nearby. The beautiful and hot celebrity Ashlee Simpson also showcases a tattoo on her left wrist and middle finger. The English soccer star David Beckham has also experimented with celebrity tattoos throughout his career and considered as a style icon.

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