Sloppy Hot Hollywood Celebrities

Beautiful, talent, gorgeous is not enough when describing Hollywood stars. However, sometimes they show off the stunning good looks undercover. Here are perfect examples of sloppy hot celebrities.


Brad Pitt’s Tactic: Facial Hair

Brad Pitt is hot and sexy, however, his bad facial goatee hair which he showed up at the Cannes Film Festival 2011 seems to take him down a notch. “Mr and Mrs Smith” actor grew some bad facial hair in 2008 as a form of a mustache which then became a wild goatee in 2009. In the later year, he kept the full beard which is just ugly and boring.

Brad Pitt’s Tactic: Facial Hair


Paz de la Huerta’s Tactic: Sloppy Sad Face

The star of “Boardwalk Empire” Paz de la Huerta always shows off her pouting in every picture.


Avril Lavigne’s Tactic: Stuck in 2001

Avril Lavigne’s style with confetti-colored hair was in fashion ten years ago and no longer is acceptable on red carpet.


John Mayer’s Tactic: Too Much Hair

The best way to improve John Mayer’s look is to cut down his hair.


Natalie Portman’s Tactic: Giant Jackets

When being pregnant, there is no need to cover up from head to toe in these over-sized jackets like the Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman 


Jennifer Garner’s Tactic: Mom Jeans

Jennifer Garner looks totally different when she fully serves as a busy 39-year-old mother of two.


Johnny Depp‘s Tactic: Straggly Hair

Johnny Depp is pretty well-known for his attractive appearance; however, he is definitely hotter without his facial hair, oversized glasses, odd hat and long hair.


Michelle Rodriguez’s Tactic: Bed Head and Wacky Faces

With intentionally strange faces for camera, Michelle Rodriguez looks more like a witch than a Hollywood star.


Kristen Stewart’s Tactic: Hoodie

The Twilight star Kristen Stewart belongs to the world of old jeans, sneakers, sunglasses, hat and a hoodie.


Emma Watson’s Tactic: Drastic Haircut

Emma Watson rushes the headlines of newspapers when she cuts off her flowing locks. The new look, unfortunately, is quite disappointing.


Brad Pitt’s Facial Hair: Sloppy Hot Hollywood Celebrity


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