How to Get the Best Tattoo Designers for Your Next Tattoo

Article by Amit

It seems like yesterday that you had your first tattoo, and you had a hard time finding the best artist to ink your skin. Well, that was before, when tattoo artists could only be found in tattoo studios or parlors. Today, online tattoo designing is offered on internet websites. Here, you can find a marketplace for custom design tattoos, or you can launch your own contest for tattoo artists to design your very own personalized tattoo.

To find the best designer for your next tattoo, go online and browse the web for sites and forums of tattoo artists and enthusiasts alike. Most sites have a wide number of resident tattoo designers that can create the custom tattoo design you want. Every so often these designers can also provide a unique design that you will fall in love with and which will meet all your needs.

So, to look for the best will take a little resourcefulness on your part. Go to your favorite search engine and type the keyword ‘tattoo designer’ in the search menu bar. The search engine will provide a listing of all websites that have your keyword. To narrow your search, read a brief description of each site and choose those that have the most feedback.

Most websites on the internet provide feedback from visitors to their sites; these tattoo websites have their own feedback in comments and testimonials for each designer featured on their site. You can read this feedback to give you an idea of the quality of work done by the tattoo designer who catches your interest.

You could also visit forum sites and join in on conversations with other tattoo enthusiasts and ask for some recommendations for a good tattoo designer. You could even chat with the designers themselves and ask them about their work. Asking for information is a good strategy for finding the best tattoo designer.

Although it is an advantage if you learn that an artist has clients who are famous celebrities or personalities, you still have to think of your own personal taste and not somebody else’s. Always remember that tattoos are expressions of your own personality.

Another option is to look for sites that provide a platform for custom tattoo design contests. You have the opportunity to observe the designer’s work and get an idea of who can deliver high quality work based on a client’s specifications. Look at designs which have won these contests because you may find it helpful when designing your next tattoo.

Finding the best tattoo designer for your next tattoo is easier today. You are not just limited to going to tattoo parlors or studios and meeting their resident artist. With all the available resources in the internet, you could find the one who suits your high standards.

Remember, these tattoo designers also want their work to be recognized in the tattoo world. It is like a painter showcasing their artwork in galleries; a tattoo artist also wants the entire world to see their work, using your body as their canvas. Start looking now for your next ideal tattoo.

Kristen Dunn is a tattoo enthusiast and professional tattoo designer who has created thousands of thought provoking, elegant, and funky tattoos for her clients.She has a vast collection of custom designs to her credit. Winner of several awards and accolades, Kristen is now a founding member of the world’s largest custom tattoo design community at CreateMyTattoo. View her tattoo collection or read more on her blog here.

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