Hawaiian Tattoos – Feel the Hawaiian Culture With the Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

Tattooing has been in practice over a period of thousand years in the Pacific islands. In Hawaii, tattoos are used in the form of expression, celebration and to distinguish between the members of different tribe. Here, they use a tool that is traditionally said to be borrowed from nature, unlike the other technology; used my tattoo machine. Some of the tools used in tattooing are Bird Beaks, Bones and claws of large fish. The Hawaiian tattoos were initially symmetrical geometric design but later changed to beautiful pictures of animals, by the influence of the western culture.

Each tattoo has a different meaning depending upon the placement of the tattoo on the body. In Hawaii, women clothing designs and stone press focused mainly on the feet, hands, calves and fingers. Tattoos on the face was the common one in Hawaii, you can always find one at the ridge forehead, chin, cheek bone and on the cheeks.

The Hawaiian tattoo designs have hidden meaning, which express much deeper feeling and its more personal. This is the main reason why a tattoo of these pacific regions differs from the rest of the world. Hawaiian tattoos look bolder and has forms of Samoa because the tattoos gives you the closest characteristics of the individual and concentrating less on ceremonial purpose.

Hawaii is a beautiful island in United States with a unique land structure and climate that allows the growth of a variety of flowers and most of these flowers can be seen only in Hawaii and not in any other country. Some of the lovely flowers seen in this island are Yellow hibiscus, pikake, orchids and plumeria. The pikake and plumeria has the best fragrance among the other flowers. The yellow Hibiscus is the state flower in the region and includes a lot of varieties like Hibiscus waimeae, Hibiscus syriacus, Hibiscus clayi known as the Hawaiian Hibiscus and Hibiscus kokio. The colors of the flower varies from purple, pink, yellow, white and red but when tattooing, the yellow color is preferred the most because that is color of the state flower.

While choosing a flower tattoo design from a variety of Hawaiian flowers, you must have one thing in mind that what does the flower symbolizes. Hawaiian flower tattoos have become popular all over the world with its exotic and unique designs that have thick black lines with little color detail. An orchid leu is the famous among the Hawaiian flower tattoos which come in various colors that depends on the meaning the flower conveys. People from every part of the world just visit this place, to get a flower tattoo done that looks so realistic.

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