Fashionable Tattoo History

Fashion is most often mistaken to just be made up by the style of clothes you wear or the accessories you choose to add to your outfits. Fashion can also be mistaken as being trendy and having a hot hair styles. While these can be an accurate description about fashion it doesn’t give the full understanding of what fashion completely encompasses. Fashion is all about the appearance and message that you proclaim from the clothes, accessories, hair style and trendy clothes you wear.

The Indian (Asian) culture promotes the wearing of a dot on women’s foreheads which is called the ‘bindi’. This is very similar to the same kind of body painting that is prevalent in other countries like Egypt; which they use a thing called kohl to make their eyes look more attractive. While these two forms of body art are cultural expressions of beauty there has been another form of body art which is gaining popularity to do the same in which the kohl and bindi do: tattoos

The use of tattoo has been around for many, many years, some would say almost since the existence of mankind have people been tattooing themselves or branding their livestock or slaves.

Tattoos have been found in the tombs of the Egyptian princes’ and also among some of the mummies of young girls. Archeologists have found these accounts but still deduct that the origin of the tattoo actually originated more in the European continent.

Egyptians have used the tattoo as a tool to identify the individual’s religion or tribe. The Romans and the Greeks, tattooed themselves as slaves and this served as a form of punishment to them. Hindus (an Indian religion) used a temporary tattoo called ‘henna’ to celebrate marriages and also other occasions.

This practice of using Henna is also popular in the middle-eastern countries. Such practices are still prevalent in many parts of the world in either prominent or subtle way.

The tattoo has become more fashionable and is something that can help you to present a beautiful appearance and also give direct message to other about who you are and what you are all about. The rich history that tattoo have make it even one of the best ways you can be fashionable in todays culture.

Some butterfly tattoos have been used in tribal tattoo designs and even star tattoo designs can be mixed with them to make a great piece of body art work.

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