Celebrities Also Love Golf

Golf is a profoundly well known game these days; sometimes professional golfers are actually house names like Colin Montgomerie, Jack port Nicklaus and of course Tiger Woods. In the past ten or even fifteen ages golf owns risen in reputation to the point which the sport activity is currently enjoyed just by males, girls and young children at a aggressive level.


It is no surprise then which there are the number of celebrities each male and female who enjoy a rounded of golf balls, the quiet of the golf course and no media press lurking in the bushes can become just what the big game star or even take legend would look for each time trying to avoid their frantic lifestyle.


A single these person is Samuel L Jackson, Jackson is well-known for featuring in many famous movies like Crash and the exorcist prequels however away from the big display screen Samuel L consumes much of his occasion on the golf course and brings the golf handicap of 6 to show for it.

Another Showmanship actor in which explains to you the 6 handicap is Dennis Quaid, Dennis had been named as the Top Artist Golfer with golfing magazine Golfer’s Absorb and hosting companies an annual charitable organization golf function too.


Sports celebrities in various areas will also be fond of a new game of golf every now and then, Basketball Tattoo Michael Jordan at the same time being a new simple stint playing professional baseball furthermore adores to perform golf, golf may actually become Michael’s the second best sport because his handicap of two ensures that since hanging upwards his basketball shoes he offers you been recently keeping hectic on the golf course.

A new single other movie star that could get an unfounded advantage in the golf course is Tennis _ SEO Pete Sampras, many months of grand bust wins (of which they creates 14) offers you assisted Pete whittle his handicap down to between one and four.


Some other celebrities which you simply might never get thought have a spherical of golf include Canadian singer Celine Dion, product Jodie Kidd and even the nightmare raising Alice Cooper! Alice whom may be much more in the home holding a snake than any golf club has competed in many celebrity tournaments and offers actually created a magazine upon the sport “Golf Colossal: My  Measures to Becoming a new Golf Addict” showing that he actually likes playing golf when he’s not on tour.


Golf isn’t just for celebrities , while earlier mentioned golf offers you increased in size attractiveness in the newest months and so you may well find which you just too want to make upwards golf for the latest pastime as well as enjoy against the pals. Along with many deals in apparatus also since the charges of golfing helping you receive into the performance today is the perfect moment to take to the fairways.


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