Bellybutton Tattoo Flash ? Why Not Walk Like A Hot Celebrity

One of the tattoo designs many women want to have is a bellybutton tattoo flash. Bellybutton designs are popularly seen on women in Hollywood and supermodeling arena, which make other women on other parts of the world want to copy because of the effect it gives to a woman. So what does this bellybutton do to make more and more women go crazy over getting their own too?

It is undeniable – sporting a bellybutton tattoo is sexy. More confidence is what it brings. Your hotness meter level comes up. It is obviously fashionable. It is clearly cool-looking. And it brings more sense freedom to the women wearing it to stop hiding in their shell forever. When a woman wears a bellybutton tattoo on, it becomes her statement of fashion and preference.

It is unquestionable then that bellybutton tattoo wearing is sort of girl power.

With these women showing off their bellybutton with a tattoo inked around it, there is no question as to the level of aura they possess. So it is not surprising at all to find many in the feminine community to start following what those popular celebrity and hollywood women have begun to not many years ago.

Surely, you are also tempted to get that added confidence by having that bellybutton tattoo. But there are just some things important for you to remember before heading off to your favorite tattoo artist. First is that getting a bellbutton tattoo design isn’t easy like getting a lower back tattoo. It is particularly true if your stomach suffers some health issues.

It may not be your best time having the tattoo if you know your stomach is undergoing or going to undergo health conditions in the future. For example, it is obviously not going to be an option if you have a schedule for a stomach surgery.

If you are planning to get pregnant or gain/lose weight in the future, getting a bellybutton tattoo flash is not recommended. As the tummy gets stretched during pregnancy and/or after gaining/losing weight, it alters the quality of the tattoo because the elasticity of the skin around your tummy is affected. As you most likely wouldn’t want an ugly tummy appearance, it is your best recourse to postpone your tattoo plans for now.

It is as well not recommended if you are low in pain toleration or if you cannot take care of your new belly button tattoo as the tummy is a part of the body receives more needling pain due to it being one of the fleshiest parts.

One of the most exciting womanly decisions that you can get is by getting a body tattoo flash. However, in order to fully enjoy it be sure that you are clear of these above health issues. If you think you are ready for it though, you can choose and have your own tattoo from the thousands of unique bellybutton tattoo flash designs available online.

Be fashionably in, look sexier and more confident too. With bellybutton tattoo flash designs available online, be as hot as those popular celebrity and Hollywood women.

March 21 2012 01:52 pm | Celebrity Tattoos

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