Add Glamour to Your Appearance with Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

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Pop culture in this decade is witnessing an unprecedented popularity of tattoo designs. Most celebrities today take pride in sporting Sanskrit tattoo designs on different parts of their bodies. Compelled to meet the expectations of this new trend, a number of tattoo shops around the globe are adding on to their collection of tattoo designs based on Sanskrit language. If you are a tattoo lover, you will certainly wonder how you will look like wearing one of these alluring Sanskrit tattoos designs.

To know the most popular tattoo of this day, you will just need to drop in at your nearest tattoo shop. Any leading tattoo shop keeper will be able to give you the list of dream catching Sanskrit tatoo designs besides the popular classics including the list of tribal tattoos and celtic cross tattoos. Most tattoo expert’s state three top reasons why many tattoo lovers go for Sanskrit tattoo designs.

Classical LanguageSanskrit is deemed one of the most popular classical languages since the common public no longer uses it for day-to-day conversations. While a living language is dynamic in the way it changes continuously, a classical language like Sanskrit will remain the same over a long time. The meaning of Sanskrit words will always remain the same even after a hundred years. Tattoos are permanent impressions and wearing a tattoo in a language currently in use is risky as the meaning of a word might change and mean something else after sometime. This is precisely the same reason why biologists use Latin words to coin scientific names of living beings.

Easily IdentifiedAnyone can easily distinguish Sanskrit tatoo designs. While having a look at the tattoo designs displayed in the tattoo shops, your eyes will invariably be allured by Sanskrit too designs since they are unique and picturesque. Most Sanskrit designs feature Om symbol or a pattern of lotus flower. Om is a very popular meditation chant in Hinduism and Buddhism that stands to represent the universe. The lotus flower symbolizes the purity of heart, mind and soul. Lotus designs are also believed to add prosperity to the lives of owners.

Stretching Beyond TimeAll Sanskrit designs have something in common between them on account of their themes. All Sanskrit characters are joined on top by a horizontal line. The bottoms are elegantly curved. A properly made Sanskrit taattoo design will always add color to your life. In the near future, you can expect more creativity evolving in the arena of Sanskrit tatoo designs.

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