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Glow in the dark tattoos quickly are becoming the latest trend in tattooing. Celebrities like Lil Wayne, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss and Khloe Kardashian all have them. This increasing trend is catching a lot of attention but it is best to be informed when considering one because there are also risks involved.

Glowing tattoos are quite a novelty. They are almost invisible by day except for the minimal scarring that may occur in the tattoo process. Tattoos that glow in the dark and ultra violet tattoos will both appear to illuminate in a darkened space. There are however differences between the types of inks used to apply them that are important to know.

Tattoos that truly illuminate on their own in a darkened space are made with ink that contains phosphorous. Phosphors radiate visible light on their own once they are energized. Glow in the dark ink requires the injection of radioactive substances into the skin in order to make the image glow. This type of tattoo is made with ink that absorbs light and glows on it’s own in a darkened space. None of these type of inks have been approved by the FDA and there are some known to be toxic and unsafe.

A black light or ultra violet light tattoo will also appear to illuminate if it is dark but only if they are under a black light. A tattoo like this will not glow on it’s own. Ultra violet light tattoo ink will appear to illuminate when the pigment in the ink reacts to the black light. Black light ink appears colorless in normal light. Most ultra violet inks are considered to be safe.

Highlighting a normal tattoo with glowing ink is also popular. Adding this unique ink to an image gives it extra dimension. It can be a way to bring attention to existing body art.

Most tattoo shops with good reputations have refrained from using glowing ink because of the complications that have been linked to it. Glowing tattoos have only been around for about ten years so the long term effects of them are unknown.

Staying current with the latest trends can be fun. If the trends can have an effect on ones overall health it is important to know all the facts.

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