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Butterfly Tattoo Designs

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Butterfly tattoo designs are increasingly being a trendy option most definitely with ladies. The layout is so adaptive it can indicate a vast array of totally different definitions, mirrored in the unique character of a butterfly. The tattooist can augment certain elements in Butterfly tattoo designs to make it far more naughty, by including strong warm colorings, or sweet by influencing oversize wings and toon attributes. As a consequence of the variety of the artwork it works well in every popular female tattoo spots for example the feet, neck area, lower back, wrist or hip.

What do Butterfly Tattoo Designs Symbolise?

The butterfly is actually an insect humans has been enthralled in for 100’s of years, pulled in to its elegant movement, appealing patterns and completely unique marvel within mother earth. Butterfly’s have certainly played a valuable part in many historic societies and lifestyles, many conceived it delivered good fortune and riches to any individual they touched. Certain cultures recognized flying insects as vessels for souls, they’d wander the earth right up until an ideal women was found. The butterfly was thought to disguise itself within their provisions and simply wait to be assimilated, the soul is likely to then be passed through to her baby.

The advancement from a caterpillar is great, an insect that survived on mud, then lays contained in a cocoon prison sooner or later is reborn in to a terrific flying creature. This metamorphosis is impressive symbolising freedom and change. Butterfly tattoo designs could be as assorted as the symbolism behind them.

Who are Butterfly Tattoo Designs meant for?

Butterfly tattoo designs are one of the more preferred woman’s designs, largely for the variety it gives you. Tats are unique every one contains a distinctive portrayal, the butterfly is truly an iconic symbol, interoperated exclusively with their individual. It can be the wonder and natural beauty they provide, the development from the caterpillar a metaphor for a change within our life, acquiring joy with a brand-new form, maybe the versatility in depiction butterfly tattoo designs offer. The design can be very small but produce a considerable impact upon a number of people, proven to enhance the natural shape of a woman through providing wonderful symmetry. It might be concealed for yours and a loved ones eyes only, or located with the world to check out, butterfly tattoo designs are distinct as they are beautiful increasing the appeal they bring.

Forms of Butterfly Tattoo Designs

There are several styles of Butterfly Tattoo designs permitting the artwork to adjust into many styles. Popular designs include Celtic, a continuous rope shaped into knots, Tribal, influenced by the Maori tribal patterns, or replicating an authentic species colours including the monarch butterfly orange and black. The wings are the visible focus, many artists dramatise the ratio of the wings to body. A preferred practise is to fill the shape of the butterfly with a second design perhaps a tiger. The butterfly also is effective as added detail to another tattoo design acquiring centre stage, a flower with butterflies feasting from it, or perhaps a vine coursing up the ankle with butterfly detail.

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Skull tattoo designs

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One of the most popular tattoo designs since the ancient times are skull tattoo designs. Nowadays they are still often requested by people all over the world. More than that, their popularity has grown in recent time. The main question is what makes skull tattoo designs so popular?

The reason for this is of course not only the stylish look of skull tattoo design. The answer is much deeper. Skull tattoo designs have a number of historic meanings, but they differ a lot from culture to culture. That’s why a skull tattoo design often has an individual meaning that is unique for its owner.

It is traditionally thought that skull tattoo design symbolizes death. The transience of people’s life is often revealed in such tattoo design. But the meaning is much deeper.

The owner of a skull tattoo design shows that he understands that everyone must die some day and that he is not afraid of death. Of course a person should be brave enough to make a skull tattoo design and people often emphasize their fearlessness by wearing it.

The roots of skull tattoo designs can be found in Latin America. The Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico since ancient times. It is a holiday, when people are gathering to remember friends and family members, who have died. Skull was a traditional symbol of this holiday and Indians thought skull tattoo designs to be amulets protecting from death.

But of course today skull tattoo designs have a variety of different meanings. This tattoo design often symbolizes power and might.

Skull symbol can be met in nearly every religion in the word and it scared people from ancient times.

Skull with bones is a traditional pirate emblem. Such skull tattoo designs most often mean freedom. Their owners want to reveal that they have no respect for society norms or even laws. By such skull tattoo design they demonstrate that freedom is the biggest value for them. Young people are often fond of skull tattoo designs. For them such tattoo designs are statement of protest, and it makes skull tattoo designs even more popular.

Of course there is a great number of styles and forms of skull tattoo designs. A Flaming skull is often made to emphasize the strong will of its owner. It is one of the most popular tattoo design among extrimals and those who are fond of risk.

In earlier times only men requested skull tattoo designs, but nowadays this tradition has changed. There appear more and more women who want to have skull tattoo designs. With the growth of popularity between women new skull tattoo designs appeared, such as skull with roses. They are though to be girls’ skull tattoo designs.

Traditionally skull tattoo designs are thought to be quite aggressive and protest ones. But such tattoo designs can also symbolize changes. In some cultures people who are eager to change their whole life choose skull tattoo designs.

In any case it is only your choice what tattoo design to make, but you should remember that tattoo designs with unique individual meaning are always the best.


My name is Victoria and I work in Designs Tattoo centre for already three years. I know thousands of different tattoo designs and their meanings. I’ve already helped a great number of people to choose an individual tattoo design and I like this job.


Tattoo designs: dragon tattoo designs and more.

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Article by Alex

Tattoo designs for many past years and ages were practicing, but their real rise appeared in the end of 20th – beginning of 21th century, so to be more accurate tattoo boom is lasting last 40 years. Tattoo designs lost their outlaw face and are restricted anymore. At least in most of the countries you can count on it and people of different ages and social status are able to have tattoo designs on their bodies, however visible tattoo designs may turn into a trouble when hiring in official and social structures like hospitals, hotels, libraries, especially if it something aggressive looking like dragon tattoo designs. When a person thinks about having tattoo designs on him the decision depend on his social position. Usually women like type of tattoo designs that reflect their nature and tenderness, but men’s preferences are usually completely different, they like something rude and masculine like tiger or dragon tattoo designs. Tattoo designs have spectacular number searchers of special symbolic a meaning or personal meaning in the tattoo designs they are about to have. This has lead to rise of unique forms and shapes of tattoo designs we have in assortment today. The best designs are usually bear unique characteristics.Together with the changes of fashion preferences tattoo designs are changing simultaneously as well, but today exist such designs that passed through the time and ages and survived during changes of fashion styles. These are Floral tattoo designs, butterflies, stars, angels, animals, Celtic, tribal, skull, dark and Dragon tattoo designs , – the immortal, over fashion and time tattoos. Below you can find some descriptions to some of them.

Floral tattoos are tattoo designs that represent infinite beauty, this kind of tattoo is very popular among women.

Star tattoo designs. Many tattoo artists have opinion that the most popular form of star tattoo is a shooting star tattoo designs. It is believed that many people are linking the shooting star tattoo design with their subconscious wish to be a star. This type of tattoo designs is pretty popular among women. And this is obvious why, that’s all because today’s pop culture tends to feed such desires in weaker minds. It is the easiest way to reach the star applying shooting star tattoo design.

Chinese Tattoos. Those tattoos always tended to be very popular among others. Not so long ago this kind of tattoo designs were the features of mafia and other criminal groups or some sects, but today it seem that next to all celebrities support an idea to have Chinese tattoo designs. These tattoo designs bear mystery of Far East as they think. Usually most common Chinese tattoo designs trying to show the meanings of love and might. One amongst the most popular type of tattoo is a dragon tattoo designs that are used to represent the mystery and power of ages. The dragon tattoo designs are depicted in vast amount of tattoo arts and forms. The dragon in Chinese tattoo designs is not only provokes the fear and worship before him, but also supports his owner.

Tattoo artworks can be unpleasant for somebody’s eye, but with right approach it may become a beautiful tattoo design that will bring joy to you everyday. This is highly depends on your choice of tattoo designs, which are in existence today and of course on the place on your body you are going to ink with your tattoo. These are some things when you are going to get inked – you have to wisely weigh the place for your tattoo designs and you have to take into account the form of the design. For example dragon tattoo designs need lots of space, because little dragon will look just funny. So don’t forget about meaning of the tattoo designs and about the place they need.

I will help you to take good decision if you are still desire to have one of those tattoo designs on your body and do not want it to frustrate and disappoint yourself. Here are some tips to help you in the future.

– Choose a tattoo designs that shows your individuality but not something that will be inappropriate for your surrounding. Don’t forget that tattoo designs are permanent things on your skin and you just have to be sure of particular tattoo design you’ve chosen and this is what you want to bear. – Be sure that your tattoo designs do not provoke or insult other people or groups. This is definitely very important thing to have in your mind, because in case if you ignore it, you may get permanent tattoo that will offend other people and lead to hate and intolerance to you. – Take into account the dimensions of your tattoo. When you choose a tattoo design to ink consider size, because it plays big role. Don’t forget that bigger artworks like dragon tattoo designs demand more time, money and pain to endure, and more you will have more chances to receive highly visible tattoo that may provoke some troubles to your career life. And of course when you choose small tattoo designs you can count on retaining your personality and do not have to attract everyone with your tattoo.

– I recommend choosing tattoo designs with some particular meaning and not just because you liked how they look. You tastes may change over time and your tattoo will still be on your body. I doubt that you want to regret in the future about tattoo that you’ve made earlier. And besides tattoo removal is expensive and painful and doesn’t guarantee full removal. Don’t get into such trouble.You have to know that decision whether to make tattoo and which tattoo designs to choose demand the right state of your mind and completely up to you. This means that making such decision when you are drunk or under drugs is not acceptable. And make sure that tattoo master is adequate as well. Imagine how will dragon tattoo design may look like made with shaky hands! When you are dealing with something permanent there are no compromises. Don’t let your friends to push on you in this situation. The decision of what kind of tattoo designs have to be your own and fully weighed.

I am working as tattoo designer in Tattoo Designs center for 5 years so I know everything about tattoo designs . I’ve already helped thousand people to take right decision about having tattoo designs on their body. I enjoy my work.

Kobe Bryant tattoo designs

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Article by Tattoo Star

After winning his fourth Nba championship (and this time without Shaquille o’Neal help) Kobe Bryant is officially in the short list of Nba history best players.

I have always been an Nba fan and I have always liked watching talented players like Kobe. I really don’t know if he is the best player ever, or the second one. I don’t think anybody could really say who the best is. LeBron James is a monster, but he risks spending his career without any victory. Watching Kobe Bryant playing, I have always had a question in my mind: what the hell has he got tattooed on his arm? I know it has not much to do with his basketball skills and the whole “best player ever” issue many like talking about. But as I said, you cannot really tell who the best ever is and I find it quite silly keeping on talking about something you cannot really tell, if you know what I mean. It is quite like discussing about the existence of God. You can believe or not believe in God, but who would ever want to discuss or write something about it? 🙂 So, let’s get back to the important thing, the point of this article: Kobe Bryant tattoo designs. Most of Nba players have got tattoos nowadays. It does not surprise anymore, but I think there is an interesting story behind Kobe Bryant tattoos. I think everybody knows about Bryant sexual assault case occurred in 2003. For those who can not remember it: Katelyn Faber, a 19-year old hotel employee, accused Bryant of raping her in his hotel room. Bryant admitted to have had an adulterous sexual encounter with his accuser, but denied the assault allegation.Nobody knows what really happened in that Hotel room, but they could find some kind of agreement, which allowed Bryant to go on with his basketball career.

Well, but, what has all that to do with Kobe’s tattoo designs? At the time of the incident Kobe Bryant was married to Vanessa Bryant. She was not exactly pleased from the whole story and, according to different rumours, in an attempt to make peace with her, Kobe gave her a 4 million dollars ring as apology and got following tattoos as a sign of his great love to her: the name Vanessa underneath a big crown (to symbolize his love to her queen) and two angel wings with the inscription “Psalm XVII” to express his steadfast faith.

So this is the big secret behind Kobe’s tattoo designs. Is he the best player ever in the history of the Nba? I do not mind, now I know what his tattoo designs are about.

Curious to see Kobe Bryant tattoo designs? have a look at my blog where you will find a nice Nba tattoos section and of course all of Kobe Bryant tattoos.

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Tattoo Designs For The Right Reasons

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Article by Tattoo Star

Tattoo Art

Many people believe that tattoos are a form of art others think that they show their true personality, whether you already have a tattoo, or are just thinking about getting your first, ask yourself this question; why?

… the answer? Well there is no right or wrong answer only a reason that you think warrants permanently “inking” your skin. It could be to remember a special occasion or even to mark the passing of a loved one, whatever the reason may be it is up to you to decide the outcome. There is one thing I hate more than when people get tattoos and complain afterwards that they wished it were different, it’s when people ask me if I think they should get a tattoo… how the heck should I know?! It’s completely ridiculous to ask somebody else to make the decision for you.

You will be the one who has to live with the tattoo design on your body.

However if you’re already thinking of getting a tattoo then chances are, if your anything like me, that you’ll have already convinced yourself of the reason, next thing to think about is the design.When choosing your design(s) try to think about the future as much as possible, do you want a scroll with your ex wife/girlfriend/dog etc on the back of your neck?? Just because certain celebrity figures have it done doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the best design for you. Be a leader not a follower and where possible try to create something unique instead of picking a number off a board like ordering a Chinese take away on a Friday night!

Which in fact leads nicely into my final point about people getting tattoos, never and I mean never get a tattoo when under the influence of alcohol! This is an absolute travesty to the industry and the tattooist trade. Not only is your judgement of what a good design may be severely hampered, you can bet your bottom dollar that the artist that is willing to tattoo you whilst under the influence is an absolute clown who couldn’t spell his own name. Let alone create a masterpiece from the name of the nightclub you just visited!

My final comment is this… take your time, a tattoo design will be with you for life make sure you’re going to be happy with it.

Tattoo Art

Tattoo Star author of the blog, Tattoo Art. A discussion of tattoo design ideas and free tattoo advice.

Tattoo Designs: Create Your Own Tattoo Design

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NBA amazing tattoo designs: The Birdman

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Article by Tattoo Star

The 2008/09 Nba Season is over. The Los Angeles Lakers have shown to the world who the best are. Kobe Bryant has been elected Mvp again and is now into a “Best Basketball Player Ever” consideration. But another player has got my attention during the last finals. He is known as The Birdman, because of his flying ability on the court and a couple of wings tattooed on his arms and I think he has proved to be one of the best center in the Nba: I am talking about Chris Andersen, center of the Denver Nuggets.He is not just a good player, but also one of the funniest entertainers that Nba fans have ever seen. He has been often compared to another quite crazy tattooed basketball player, Dennis Rodman. They do not only share the same passion for tattoo designs, but also quite similar defensive basketball skills. As for Rodman, Chris Andersen life has not always been easy. He was born in Long Beach, California, in 1978. He got his first chance to start a professional Basketball career in 1999, but nobody seemed to believe in his potential, as he wasn’t picked by any team during that Nba draft. That’s why the Birdman started his career in China where he played until 2002, when he finally joined the New Orleans Hornets.At that time his skin was still as white and clean as that of a child. He probably started getting his body inked, as he got a two-year suspension for being found positive for drugs in 2006. He waited patiently until his come-back in 2008, again with the New Orleans Hornets.His body already showed the first tattoo designs. He played some great games during 2008 and 2009 seasons, shifting from New Orleans to Denver, where he plays for the Nuggets. He is currently second in the league in blocks per game, but I think he is first as far as the number of tattoos is concerned. As for some other stars of the Showbiz (I am thinking of Tommy Lee, Angelina Jolie and a few others) it’s impossible to say the exact number of tattoo designs drawn on his skin. Most of them have mixed up so much with each other, that they now look as one single huge tattoo. However, I am pretty sure he has got Japanese tattoo designs on both his arms, the design of a basketball player making a Slam-Dunk on his right arm, the words “Honky Tonk” on his stomach, homage to his home state of Texas on his right forearm, chain tattoo designs are tattooed on both his arms and his upper chest, a skull with a crown covers his left biceps and a snow crystal covers his left elbow.As the Birdman though, his most representative tattoo designs are the coloured wings tattooed on both his inner biceps.

Are you ready to see pictures of this great player tattoo designs? Have a look here at Chris Andersen tattoos!

Tattoo Design – Popular Animal Tattoos!

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If you have finally decided to have a tattoo, the worst is over. The only thing you need to do is to find an appropriate design that suits yo

Article Source:

TattooMeNow Tattoo Gallery:
TattooMeNow is a biggest tattoo gallery featuring over 3,523 Tattoo Designs (and growing!) in 40 categories! All the designs are professionally designed with YOU in mind! Award winning artists constantly provides fresh new design for your every situation, from sexy to bold, tiny designs to full body artwork!

Sexy Tribal Tattoo Designs

A collection of some really nice tattoo designs. Most of them are sexy tattoos and you have to like the women. Courtesy of: Song: Overseer – Meteorology
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The magic charm of Celtic tattoo designs

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Article by Tattoo Star

Celtic tattoo designs are today some of the most popular. Often included in the larger Tribal tattoos category, these designs have a particular charm, granted from their history and magic symbolism. Celtic tattoo tradition is not really that ancient. Japanese as well as Chinese cultures can boast a much older tattoo tradition. Nonetheless Celtic symbols seem to be born to be translated into tattoo designs. They consist in geometrical shapes of different complexity, which makes them perfect tribal tattoo designs. The history of Celtic people goes back thousands of years. They have always had a great tradition of craftsmen, the best in Europe for centuries. Thanks to their ability in working iron, they could realize complex and fine designs for their weapons. This ability and their fine designs live on in modern body-art.

There are different types of Celtic tattoo designs, each one with a different story and a different meaning. The most popular are the Celtic Ringed Cross tattoo, the Celtic Knot tattoo, animal tattoos and the so called triskele or triskelion., a triple spiral which symbolizes Celtic belief in the holy power of the number Three.

The Celtic cross was born as a Christian sign but is nowadays mostly considered to be a symbol of the Celtic identity and has quite lost its religious meaning. This cross was introduced by Saint Patrick while attempting to convert pagan Irish people to Christianity. The ring symbolizes the previous pagan god of sun, connecting those ancient beliefs with the new one.The Celtic knot consists of interlaced lines that cross over one another repeatedly that go on eternally symbolizing the interconnection between the spiritual and the physical sides of existence. Celtic pagan religions were strictly connected with the myth of Mother Nature and its power. Therefore most of their symbols are connected with animals, plants and their magic nature. One of the most powerful symbols was the Tree of Life. Trees symbolize the cycle of life and also are life giving creatures. Other Nature related Celtic tattoo symbols are the Butterfly, symbol of rebirth and transformation, the Cat, guardian of the gates to the Otherworld, the Dog, loyal friend and healer of body and soul.

These are today some of the most popular tattoo designs, inspired from the Celtic traditions and symbolic culture, which represents a huge source of inspiration for any tattoo artist or tattoo lover.

Tribal Tattoo Designs – Oldest Tattoos

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Tribal tattoo designs have been the first tattoo designs to be used. Tattoos originated in various tribes across the world, where members of each tribe would paint or scar certain marks on them. Tattooing is done today by inserting ink in the pores of the skin so as to make a permanent mark on the skin but this originated in various primitive tribes as an extremely crude and painful procedure.

It is known that several tribes such as Celtic, Irish, Chinese, Indian, African, Native American, Maori, etc. all over the world used tattoos. The design themes that these tribes used have collectively come to be known as tribal tattoo designs. Tribal tattoos are generally done in black color.

The tribes generally used tattoos to honor God or to identify members of their tribe. They might have also been used as symbol of bravery and courage, as during those times it was extremely tormenting to get a tattoo.

Tattoos were also used to commemorate certain occasions in the life of tribesmen such birth of new born or entering into adulthood, etc. or to mark certain events in the history of the tribe such as victory in a war or end of famine, etc.

Both men and women in the tribe usually get tattoos but men generally get more tattoos than women. Also it is common in certain tribes for men to get tattoos all over their face but women would usually only get tattoos on checks or other parts of their body.

Even though most tribes used extremely primitive techniques to draw their tattoos, their designs are very exotic and articulate. These tattoo designs are extremely detailed and are very difficult to reproduce. So if you are planning to get a tribal tattoo it is exceptionally important that you visit an artist who specializes in tribal art.

Not every tattoo artist will be able to ink a good tribal tattoo for this kind of tattoo requires a lot of precision.

Also before getting a tribal tattoo, it is important that you try to find out what it symbolizes. Tribal tattoos have a lot of in-depth meaning attached to their designs. Though the designs might look simple but they are very mystical in nature and you will be able to really appreciate a tribal tattoo only if you know the hidden meaning behind it.

Tribal tattoos can also be combined with other designs such as animals, floral, weapons, etc. But it is important for tribal art to be unique; it doesn’t look good if you have cookie cutter designs. For this reason it is extremely important as to how you get the tribal design. If you just pick up your design by doing a search on the internet, you might end up with a fake tribal tattoo or something that has been used by thousands of people. In some tribe it is actually considered an insult to copy that tattoo.

It is best to get your tribal tattoo designs from a paid tattoo website. These websites hire tattoo artists to create these designs and they are very different than what you find on the free websites. Moreover upon request on some of these websites, you can even request the artist to customize your tattoo to make it unique for you.

Instantly download 15,000 unique pictures of tattoos custom made by top tattoo artists. This award winning collection includes world’s largest number of tribal tattoo designs available on the Internet.

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Mexican Tattoo Designs

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Article by Mexican Tattoos

Unlimited Mexican Tattoo Designs

The unlimited Mexican tattoo designs can make it difficult for you to settle on body art of this culture, and we definitely understand this dilemma. This is why we have made an interesting list which covers the most popular Mexican tats, and give you an idea about them. In our list of Mexican tats, we have covered the popular tattoo designs that are making the right waves these days, and have gathered some interesting designs that make these tats so prized. Here is our list of the most amazing body art that you can get inked on your skin in your city.

Top Mexican Tattoos

Since the Mexican culture is closely linked with tradition and superstitions, the best kind of Mexican art tattoo that you can get for your skin is the Aztec tattoos. These Aztec tattoos have a hidden symbolism and deep history, and it is important that you understand the underlying meaning before going for such Mexican tattoos. The Aztec tattoos are generally found in paintings that form the scriptures on the walls of ancient ruins, and it is essential that you know what the tattoo means. Extensive research is required for such Mexican tattoos, and you should not shy away from knowing about these aspects of the Mexican culture. Apart from these historical Mexican tattoos, there are some latest Mexican art tattoo designs that would interest you. The Mexican skull tattoo designs are one such variety that would definitely grab your attention. A Mexican skull tattoo is associated with the dear ones who have passed away to another world, and Mexico’s tradition of respecting and loving them. The Mexican mafia tattoos can also be a good option, but you need to be careful while getting such Mexican body art. These are some of the best Mexican tats that you can find in the world these days.

Mexican Tattoo Art

The Mexican body art is something that should be respected, mainly because it has a deep association with the culture of Mexico. In order to get the best effect on your Mexican tattoos, you first need to understand and respect the meaning of your Mexican tat. Only then would you be able to find the perfect design for yourself, one that would automatically require appreciation and respect. None of the Mexican art tattoo designs these days is devoid of respect, and you should keep that in mind while getting such tattoos.

Mexican Tattoos are a wonderful way to express your uniqueness. These Tattoos can capture a personality and tell you very much about a person. They display courage, humor, respect, and honesty. Learn more about Mexican Tattoos and checkout pictures of gruesome mexican mafia tattoos.

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