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Why Angel tattoos are still so popular. Adored many.

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Article by Douglas Graham

Why Angel tattoos are still so popular. Adored by many. – Other

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Angel tattoos are crafted in an abundance of distinctive and colourful forms. Like most tattoos, angel designs normally have meaning and importance for the person wearing them.

A good and popular example a pair of Angel Wings are very popular with ladies and of course is interpreted completely differently to angel tattoos worn by men. Angel wings usually characterize beauty, grace, divinity and spirituality.

Angel tattoos worn by men, have a tendency to be full figures, not just wings.

The word Angel in Latin means ‘messenger of God’. There are three Choirs, or Spheres, each of a different rank and each Choir has three types of angels, each with a different duty. The most important role of an Angel is to be messengers of the word of God and also to watch over all of us. Other roles include providing protection, wisdom, good fortune and they guard the realm between heaven and earth.

This amazing diversity in the fundamental meaning, scope and type of Angel helps create an infinite amount of variety for tattoo artists and tattoo wearers. There are so many uniquely individual creations that it is impossible for anyone to categorise or even visualise all of them. Angels are embraced by many major religions including Christianity, Islam and Jewish religions and tattoos can be found being worn by peoples far beyond these core religions as well as by less savoury cults, gangs, occultism and some fringe groups such as motorcycle organisations.

While the original meaning of Angel described ‘messenger of God’, angel tattoos can also carry more menacing more macabre meaning. Sometimes depicted as the ‘fallen angel’ who was thrown out of heaven as punishment for rebelling against God, fallen angel designs have taken on forms far removed from the original religious meanings and sometimes can be seen as a dark art entirely of their own.

Closer to the original meaning are ‘Guardian Angels’ which many people believe are with you as you enter this world and stay with you until death. Some believe guardian angels guide you through the spirit world during your transition to and from the Angelic realms which can happen during sleep or meditation. Some people believe they can communicate with their guardian angels. Guardian angel tattoos are often majestic creations of great power, beauty and grace.

Angel tattoos often portray loved ones, especially children, wives, girlfriends. Portraying an artistic impression of someone by depicting them as an angel in a tattoo, is usually completely without any religious meaning or consequence. There are almost endless permutations and combinations of personalised angel tattoos that wearers use to celebrate a loved one or family. Often the combinations include popular symbols or flowers, or love hearts, crosses, even skulls and motorcycles.

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