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Saying It All in a Word Tattoo

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Article by Josephine

A picture is worth a thousand words. In its display of colors and lines, and symbols and settings, it can communicate far more about an individual or a idea in a smaller expanse than a stretch of descriptive words can manage. Letters and words, but, have their own artistic beauty in their clarity of message and simpler, a lot more timeless aesthetic, and these days, an increasing number of folks are forgoing pictorial tattoos in favor of alphanumeric ones. The word tattoo has vaulted to a position among the most prevailing tattoo trends nowadays.These tattoos range in style from single words in very simple typefaces to long passages of literature, poetry, philosophy, or whatever else strikes the tattooed scrawled in elaborate script across their bodies. Commonly seen in English, Latin, French, Italian, and German, the word tattoo bears an easily understood message and is perfect for those who want to maintain fundamental words and passages close.Elsewhere in the globe of the written word tattoo, the complexity of the Chinese and Japanese writing systems has produced their characters a highly appealing selection for a lot of a tattoo-seeker, and such tattoos have maintained their status among the top tattoo trends for years. Given the intricate design of these characters, they tend to be more visually stimulating and can carry an added layer of mystique around those who are unfamiliar with the languages. Caution should be taken when receiving a foreign character tattoo having said that, as horror stories abound about persons who discovered what they thought to be their Strength and Vitality tattoo was in actuality advertising them as bootlicks for hire.Arabic tattoos, too, are becoming alot more favorite, thanks in portion to celebrities like Rihanna and Angelina Jolie, but also since of the increasing collective desire to promote beauty and diversity as a united idea. As with Chinese and Japanese tattoos, 1 have to do their analysis before committing to finding an Arabic word tattoo. Every single Arabic character has up to 4 types – independent, word-beginning, word-middling, and word-ending – and many individuals misunderstand the nuances of the language. What outcomes are tattoos that pretend to be in Arabic but definitely don’t form words at all, and the only statement they make is 1 of ignorance.Regardless of whether 1 gets a tattoo in a native language, an acquired one, or one that is unknown, a word tattoo is an interesting and conveniently personalized way to participate in tattoo trends. That is, so long as people are vigilant about spelling and studying how to most effective communicate their message by means of a foreign language. When written correctly, the word tattoo can carry a lifelong message with a lifelong impact. When written incorrectly, still, they can be a source of embarrassment created worse by how easily errors are avoided. Be wise.

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Tattooing Continues To Gain Popularity

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The art of tattooing has become a very popular career choice and also a hobby over the last few years. While tattoos used to be a taboo thing that not everyone approved of or wanted, they’re now widely accepted in society and people from all walks of life are choosing to have something personal tattooed onto their bodies forever. As to the reason why getting tattoos is suddenly so accepted is debatable: it could be because people have just loosened up in general and are more laid back; because celebrities have made getting tattoos more popular; because there aren’t as many authoritative figures looking down on them; because tattoo removal is becoming more advanced as time goes on, making it not only easier to get a tattoo removed but also cheaper; or perhaps because tattooing supplies have simply become more advanced and thereby create nicer looking tattoos that don’t look so amateur.


Tattooing is an art form that has been around for centuries, and the tattooing supplies used have obviously undergone many advancements and improvements.

Centuries ago, when we have evidence of tattoos being done regularly, people received tattoos with pieces of sharpened wood or rocks, and soon, tattoos were being done by people using knives or other pointed objects and then pouring ink into the skin from a pen or other ink source. Obviously, if you were to walk into a tattoo shop now, things look very different. In fact, tattooing has come so far along that shops often look as clean as doctor offices, and they are just as harshly regulated, meaning that tattoo artists have to use tattooing supplies that are up to regulations and guidelines set forth by the government and other regulating organizations. This could be one reason why people feel better about receiving tattoos in general; tattooing is now a much safer procedure than it used to be since artists use tattoo kits that are comprised of safe, clean needles and high quality ink (provided that they buy their tattooing supplies from a trusted source, that is). Artists where gloves and are surrounded by sterilized equipment, ensuring that their customers receive tattoos that are derived from sterile, clean, quality tattoo kits.


This ancient art form will probably only continue to grow in popularity, and as long as tattooing supplies remain as they are and don’t revert back to sticks and stone, people will continue to want tattoos.

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