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Historical Significance of Anchor Tattoos

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If you look into the history of tattoos, you will be surprised to find that tattoos have been used for more than two centuries. It has gained popularity now among the younger generation and has become a trend currently, but it does not mean that tattoos were never used before. Well! This article brings out the significance of anchor tattoos. This article clearly will be interesting and signifies the blend of history, symbolism and tattoos.

Ship anchors have been the tattoo design long used widely by larger parts of the tattooing community in the western parts. If you just go around looking for an anchor tattoo, you can easily find one such tattoo on your grandfather’s or other elder men’s forearm. It was a celebrated symbol at their times.

Though anchor tattoos are world-famous, it was especially meant for navy service men, maritime workers and sailors, in those days.

Regional variations and culture posed several meanings to the various colors used in these anchor tattoos. However, it habitually symbolized “holding one strong and steadfast”. Many maritime people would get one such anchor tattoo soon after they cross the Atlantic Ocean for the very first time. It was in fact a symbol of victory. Therefore, the tattoo is a symbol of a person who keeps himself grounded irrespective of the happenings around him, just similar to a real anchor.

The next incredible fact is that the above association of anchors as a logo goes back to the way of early Christians. Certainly, these people were victims of many religious beliefs and hence they have had secret meetings. These secret meetings were conducted in a specific place, mostly a house. They developed some symbols to signify this house in particular.

And know what, this symbol was an anchor!

However currently, anchor tattoo designs have been renewed largely and many creative designs, filled with bright and brilliant colors, in better decorative manners are available. The traditional tattoos have gained a new revival and being more preferred.

So here, history has proved to be a blend of symbolism and meaning of tattoos with cultures. If you are planning to get an anchor tattoo, it is necessary to be aware of its background.

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Tips For Effective Tattoo Removal

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If you seriously regret having a tattoo, it is better to get it removed. Every person has his/her own reasons for wanting to get a tattoo removed. The best way to do so is by a laser treatment. This treatment is popular among celebrities also. According to a recent report in the Daily Mail, Kelly Osbourne is all set to undergo laser treatment to erase her 15 tattoos. She revealed her desire in her weekly column that she writes for British magazine ‘Closer’.

When it comes to tattoo removal, Los Angeles has some really great clinics that can not only remove birthmarks and scars, but can also deal successfully with colored stains on the body. Today, laser beams are increasingly being used for erasing marks. In this method, the high intensity laser beams target the ink. The concentrated laser beam breaks the color in the tattoo into tiny fragments.

These fragments are treated in such a way that they are cleared away by your body’s natural systems. However, the breaking of the ink into fragments cannot be completed in one session and may require several sessions. The exact number of sessions you’d require could only be suggested by your dermatologist.

Sometimes removal of stubborn tattoos may require several sessions where strong laser light is used. This can often cause painful blisters or scabs. If not removed on time, these blisters can leave behind ugly scars. According to experts the extent of scars varies from person to person. It also sometimes depends on the expertise of the cosmetologist undertaking the procedure.

The Lutronic Laser Tattoo Removal System

This system is mainly use by clinics for tattoo removal in Los Angeles. The process has been proved to be safe and effective by thousands of people.

This treatment is effective for all types of tattoo removal – amateur, professional, traumatic, cosmetic, or colored. This laser treatment is effective for all skin types. Such laser beams can lessen the pain and discomfort for the person, while it also aids to easy removal of tattoos for the dermatologist. These lasers also cause less side-effects and a reduced bleeding. In addition to the top-hat beams, its short pulse duration and high peak power completely removes tattoos. This process of tattoo removal does not damage the surrounding healthy skin cells or cause any damage to the area where tattoo was there.

If you want to try tattoo removal, Los Angeles is the right place to be. You can contact a good skin care cosmetic clinic at Los Angeles through its official website. One such website is Skin Perfect Here you can get the best solutions for laser treatments.

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